Linangin ang kakayahan, lawakan ang pag-iisip.
Magsikap at magmahal.

I'm barrels! A Filipino artist who likes drawing girls and being productive~
My work focuses a lot on using subtle expressions to convey a certain mood in portraiture.
Art, music, and games are my top interests! Creating has always been my passion. My love for art started even before I entered elementary school. I loved making stories and trying to create different kinds of characters. Art has always been a valuable companion in my life and I aim to become better at it as I try to understand my strengths and weaknesses.After trying my hand at pixel art in 2017, I got into game development the following year. Ever since then, I've made a small collection of short personal games. I was very fortunate to showcase them in Indie Fiesta during ESGS 2019.The Bored Pixels Jam is a game jam that I've hosted on
It's a week-long jam where participants are challenged to create a themed pixel game.
I have a lot of projects that I want to work on and finish. It's tough but I'm doing what I can in order to become the best version of myself.


pixel art

traditional art


say goodbye before you go

a girl drowning in a sea of starsHow Have You Been? Jam

it's 2 a.m. and you don't know what to doFinally Finish Something 2019

i have a confession to makeConfession Jam

it's time to go homenotGDC Jam 2019

game dev resources

Free and easy-to-understand game design document template for people who want to try out game development.

Pixel art character sprite base you can use for your game


Writing is a minor hobby of mine. The process of trying to make a compelling piece of literature is actually quite enjoyable.


A short article about online game jams.


These are writings from scrolls that were thrown and retrieved in the sea. If you were closer, you'd hear it too.(finished)My third submission to the MVM Discord server's Story Challenge. It is also the first submission that I actually finished.

A nocturnal freelancer gets hungry after work and decides to watch some television but it starts talking to him instead.(discontinued)This story is my first submission to the Story Challenge in the Metroidvania Month Jam Discord server where you write a story daily during the span of a week and whoever gets the most votes wins a nice role.

After the world awakened from a forced slumber, everyone woke up to see that they had formed masks on their faces. Unknown creatures had descended from the skies. Hoping to find a solution to this crisis, two sisters have taken it upon themselves to find answers on their quest for revenge, risking their lives in the process.(indefinite hiatus)


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If you like my work, please consider supporting me through Ko-fi!Tips and whatnot help me keep my family happy and healthy.You may also support me by sharing my art with others! Please don't repost my art though and always credit me for my work.Comments, constructive feedback, emotional support, and music recommendations are also something I really love~However you choose to support me, I would like you to know that I am gratefu!!